Mohammed Abouelleil Rashed

Philosophy & Psychiatry










Madness and the Demand for Recognition: A Philosophical Inquiry into Identity and Mental Health Activism. Oxford University Press.











Journal Articles


In Defence of Madness: The Problem of Disability. Journal of Medicine and Philosophy, 2018.

Selected among Oxford University Press Best of 2018 philosophy articles











More Things in Heaven and Earth: Spirit Possession, Mental Disorder and Intentionality. Journal of Medical Humanities, 2018.


The Identity of Psychiatry in the Aftermath of Mad Activism. Journal of Medicine and Philosophy. Special issue: The Crisis in Psychiatric Science (submitted).


Debate: The Concept of Culture has Outlived its Usefulness for Psychiatry. BJPsych Bulletin 42: 72-76 (with N Poole, R Bingham, A Sanati, and CW van Staden), 2018.


A Critical Perspective on Second-Order Empathy in Understanding Psychopathology: Phenomenology & Ethics. Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics 36: 97-116, 2015.


From Powerlessness to Control: Psychosis, Spirit Possession and Recovery in the Western Desert of Egypt. Health, Culture, and Society, 2015.


Can Psychiatry Distinguish Social Deviance from Mental Disorder? Philosophy, Psychiatry and Psychology 21(3): 243-255  (with R Bingham), 2014.


Beyond Dysfunction: Distress and the Distinction Between Deviance and Disorder. Philosophy, Psychiatry and Psychology 21(3): 267-271 (with R Bingham), 2014.


Culture, Salience and Psychiatric Diagnosis: Exploring the Concept of Cultural Congruencea and its Application. Philosophy, Ethics and Humanities in Medicine 8(5), 2013.


Talking Past Each Other: Conceptual Confusion in ‘Culture’ and ‘Psychopathology’. South African Journal of Psychiatry 19(1): 12-15, 2013.


Psychiatric Judgements across Cultural Contexts: Relativist, Clinical-Ethnographic, and Universalist-Scientific Perspectives. Journal of Medicine  and Philosophy 38(2): 128-148, 2013.


The Egyptian Revolution: A Participant’s Account from Tahrir Square. Anthropology Today 27(2): 22-27, 2011. This article was translated into Spanish:


Revolución en Egipto: Un Relato de su Génesis. Envio 352(Julio), 2011.


Religious Experience and Psychiatry: Analysis of the Conflict and Proposal for a Way Forward. Philosophy, Psychiatry and Psychology 17(3): 185-204, 2010.


Cross-Cultural Relevance of the Third Revolution in Psychiatry. Dialogues in Philosophy, Mental and Neuro-Sciences 3(1): 21-22, 2010.


Conflicting Values and Disparate Epistemologies: The Ethical Necessity of Engagement. Philosophy, Psychiatry and Psychology 17(3): 213-217, 2010.


Book Chapters


Islamic Perspectives on Psychiatric Ethics. Oxford Handbook of Psychiatric Ethics. Eds. J Sadler, B Fulford, CW van Staden. Oxford University Press, 2015.


Culture and Mental Health (with R du Plessis and CW van Staden) Psychology: Themes and Variations. Ed. J Hassim. Cengage Publishing, 2015.


Book Reviews


Delusions and the Madness of the Masses. Metapsychology 15(31), 2011.                            

From Madness to Mental Health: Psychiatric Disorder and its Treatment in Western Civilization. Journal of Mental Health 19(6): 563-565, 2010.


Freedom: Reassessments and Rephrasings. Metapsychology 14(16), 2010.


Psychoses: An Integrative Perspective. Journal of Mental Health 15(6): 1-2, 2006.


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